Our Room of Inspiration

It’s been a period of rapid change for us all at Virtek.

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It’s been a period of rapid change for us all at Virtek. Due to the continued growth of the business we’ve recently moved to a more spacious new office in East Kilbride.  This will give us the space we need to continue serving all our customers with our various communications, print, document management and digital signage solutions.

With a little extra space comes that wonderful opportunity to get a bit creative with the space. We don’t want to be just another telecoms company or  another company that does printers.  Our goal is to go beyond that and be the company that can give customers “The Proper Solution. First Time.” 

This means that we’re all growing with Virtek with the same ideals and ambitions and to make sure we’ll always have the space to free our minds for new ideas, we’re building our “Room of Inspiration”.  

It’s a glass room in the middle of the office but it will be more than that.  It’s a place where we’ll gather, meet and discuss what we’re doing now, what the future holds and how can we serve our customers even better.  

More to follow once it’s completed but we’re excited to get to use our new room. We just need to order some extra glass cleaner!

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