LCD Digital Hand Sanitiser

Protect your team and visitors with our hands free digital hand sanitisers.

We know that keeping hands clean and practising good hygiene is vital for good health, to prevent the spread of infections and to help maintain a level of health within the community. Our brand new digital hand sanitiser machines offer a unique way for you to protect your staff and your customers and prevent germs and infections spreading.

Auto Dispense

Our digital hand sanitiser machines deliver a cleaner, safer, and completely touch-free experience thanks to the in-built IR sensor. This avoids cross-infection and ensures a completely contact-free experience for all.

3.6 Litre Reservoir

3.6L Internal Reservoir (volume: 3600ml) provides 9000 Pumps. Number of Dispensing times can be adjusted to 1,2,3 or 4. Optional Dispenser heads providing; hand foamer at 0.4ML, 1ml, 1.5ml.


4G Enabled

4G enabled with no network restrictions to allow use where there is no wifi or ethernet available. ( also works with wifi or ethernet cable)

How our machines are different

Our machines utilise capacitive touch, coming in either 10” or 22” displays, and can be wall-mounted or installed as a stand-alone kiosk for flexibility and easy installation at key points within your building.

We utilise the most up to date software, allowing you to remotely change the content to suit your business, whether that be to promote offers or advertise other products, safety measures and site information. To ensure that you, your customers, and your staff stay fully up to date, the screens are updated daily with the latest info from the NHS and WHO, making sure they display fast and accurate information to everyone.

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Contact free for a safer experience

Our digital hand sanitiser machines deliver a cleaner, safer, and completely touch-free experience thanks to the in-built IR sensor. This avoids cross-infection and ensures a completely contact-free experience for all.

The auto dispenser dispenses the right amount of cleaning solution, creating a reliable experience for every user. You can adjust the dispensing times from 1-4 to help regulate our alcohol-free pump amounts from the 3.6L (3600ml) tank. A 3.6L tank will provide 9000 pumps of hand sanitiser before it needs to be refilled, and we have a set of optional dispenser heads to choose from, providing foamer at 0.4ML, 1ml, 1.5ml each.

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Why go digital?

Our digital hand sanitiser sign serves two purposes for your customers and staff: as a means to relay the latest information from the World Heald Organisation and the NHS, and also as a means to display important company information such as timetables, offers, discounts, and other company updates.

Behind the scenes, you will receive pump reports that automatically feeds the information as to when the solution is going to run out, and you’ll have an easy to use method to upload and schedule new media onto your sign. 

The independent 4G Connection means your digital hand sanitiser will be free of network restrictions and any WiFi issues, but there are options for Ethernet and WiFi options should you wish to connect it using these. Did we mention our signs also have a 10-point touch screen meaning they are easy and intuitive to use too?



Our Cloud Services at your fingertips

We want to make sure our digital hand sanitisers are safe and easy to use for your customers and staff, but that they are also fast and seamless when it comes to running updates, creating reports and sending alerts. We have partnered with a leading Digital Signage CMS provider, Now Signage, to make that happen.

With our Free Dispenser Management app, you’ll get automatic notifications for alerts like a low-running reservoir, easy to read reports (available in universal CSV format), and a system designed to be easy, smart and simple to use, perfect for keeping you and your customers and staff clean and safe throughout the day without the worries or concerns about keeping your digital hand sanitiser up to date or running out of solution.


What Customers Say

Delighted with our new photocopier! The print cost saving compared to our old one unbelievable and the quality of print is night and day.

Tim Collins

Operations Manager

We knew a franking machine would save us a lot of time but we had no idea how affordable it could be. Thanks to Ryan for all his help.

Rachael Thompson

Office Manager

Really happy with our new Toshiba Photocopier - the print quality is excellent.

Caroline Lynn

Managing Director

After a bad experience with a previous photocopier company we were cautious about who we went with. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything. Great service.

John Templar


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