What is a digital workflow for your business?

Digitise, secure and automate business information and processes

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DocuWare is document management and workflow automation software. Organizations worldwide use DocuWare to capture, route and securely archive their most important business information.

Basically, convert your tedious manual processes into elegant digital workflows and transform your disorganised files into findable, secure electronic documents!

Our partnership with DocuWare means that we have access to all the support and expertise required to implement and train you on using the service.  Docuware has been established for over 30 years and trusted by more than 15,000 businesses who us it successfully every single day.

The key improvements that you would see if implementing Docuware in your business would be:

  1. You’ll spend less time searching for files and more time on high value work because you can now easily organise and find content.
  2. You’lll no longer need to create multiple versions of the same document for distribution.  Instead a master copy is stored in a central location for easy access.
  3. Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits you’ll see is the reduction in paper use… saving money on paper, print and storage.
  4. Moving paper around an office is slow, but with a DMS (Document Management System) you streamline your internal and external processes.

As a partner of Docuware, we’re ready to support your business in the transition to electronic document storage.  Find out more and contact us today.


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