Alpha Scan thermal imaging with access control

Protect your team and visitors with thermal imaging and access control upon entry to your premises

We know that keeping hands clean and practising good hygiene is vital for good health, to prevent the spread of infections and to help maintain a level of health within the community. Our brand new digital hand sanitiser machines offer a unique way for you to protect your staff and your customers and prevent germs and infections spreading.

Thermal Imaging Sensor

Detect the temperature of entrants to your building with an accuracy within 0.3 degrees ensuring those with a temperature are highlighted.

Access Control

Control access to your building manually or via link to your existing access control systems. 

4G Enabled

4G enabled with no network restrictions to allow use where there is no wifi or ethernet available. ( also works with wifi or ethernet cable)

Wall Mounted or Freestanding

Available wall mounted or freestanding

Long Detection Range

Detects visitors within a range 0.5m to 1.5m

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What Customers Say

Delighted with our new photocopier! The print cost saving compared to our old one unbelievable and the quality of print is night and day.

Tim Collins

Operations Manager

We knew a franking machine would save us a lot of time but we had no idea how affordable it could be. Thanks to Ryan for all his help.

Rachael Thompson

Office Manager

Really happy with our new Toshiba Photocopier - the print quality is excellent.

Caroline Lynn

Managing Director

After a bad experience with a previous photocopier company we were cautious about who we went with. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything. Great service.

John Templar


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